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Alphabetical List of the Extinct Towns of Mississippi 

The places marked with a "†" are still post offices. The words marked with an asterisk "*" still survive in the names of other towns in the county in which the original places existed.

Adamsville (Panola)
Alamatchat† (Lauderdale)
Alberson (Union)
Amsterdam (Hinds)
Antibank (Hinds)
Athens (Monroe)
Attalaville (Attala)
Auburn (Hinds)
Bankston† (Choctaw)
Beattie's Bluff (Yazoo)
Belmont* (Panola)
Belmonte (Wayne)
Benton† (Yazoo)
Berryville (Scott)
Biloxi (see Old Biloxi)
Boneyard (Alcorn)
Bouncetown (See Boundstown)
Boundstown (Noxubee)
Bowling Green (See Middleton)
Brandywine† (Claiborne)
Brookhaven* (Copiah)
Bruinsburg (Claiborne)
Burkettsville (Attala)
Burtonton (Copiah)
Cammel's Town (Alcorn)
Candy Hill (See Myrtle)
Capehorn (Prentiss)
Carrollville (Prentiss)
Centerville (Amite)
Chocchuma (Grenada)
Coar's Springs (Copiah)
Cohatta (Tishomingo)
"Coonbox" (Jefferson)
Cornerville (Benton)
Cotton Gin Port (Monroe)
Daleville† (Lauderdale)
Danville† (Alcorn)
Eaton (Lafayette)
Enterprise* (Clarke)
Fairfield (Smith)
Farmington (Alcorn)
Folsom (Oktibbeha)
Fordsville (Marion)
Gainsville† (Hancock)
Gallatin† (Copiah)
Garlandville† (Jasper)
Georgetown† (Copiah)
Georgeville (Holmes)
Gerenton (Carroll)
Grand Gulf† (Claiborne)
Greensboro (Webster)
Greenville (Jefferson)
Greenville* (Washington)
Guyton† (Tippah)
Hamburg (Hinds)
Hamilton* (Monroe)
Harrisburg (Lee)
Hendersonville (Yalobusha)
Holmesville† (Pike)
Hudsonville* (Marshall)
Huntley (See Greenville)
Jackson Springs (Jackson)
Johnsonville (Sun Flower)
Jumpertown (Prentiss)
Kingston† (Adams)
La Grange† (Choctaw)
Lamar† (Benton)
Leflore (Carroll)
Liverpool (Yazoo)
Livingston† (Madison)
Locopolis (Tallahatchie)
Madisonville (Madison)
Malcolm (Jefferson)
Marion (Carroll)
Marion* (Lauderdale)
McNutt† (Leflore)
Middleton (Carroll)
Miltonville (Wayne)
Mitchell's Bluff (See Wyatt)
Montgomery (Holmes)
Myrtle* (Union)
New Town (Hinds)
Notarchucky (Prentiss)
Old Biloxi (Jackson)
Old Town (See Alamatcha)
Orangeburg (Covington)
Orchardsville (See Greenville)
Orion (Scott)
Orizaba† (Tippah)
Owensville (Prentiss)
Oxford (See Middleton)
Palo Alto (Clay)
Panola* (Panola)
Patofa (Leflore)
Pearl Valley (Neshoba)
Pharsalia (Tallahatchie)
Pikeville* (Chickasaw)
Pinckneyville (See Greenville)
Pinkney (Newton)
Point Leflore (Leflore)
Pontotoc* (Pontotoc)
Port Royal (Coahoma)
Prairie Mount (Chickasaw)
Prentiss (Bolivar)
Preston (Yalobusha)
Princeton (Washington)
Rankin (Holmes)
Richmond (Rankin)
Ruckerville (Tippah)
Runnellsville (Madison)
Salem† (Benton)
Sardinia (Yalobusha)
Sawyerville (Lauderdale)
Scooba* (Kemper)
Selsertown (Jefferson)
Shankstown (Jefferson)
Shongala (Carroll)
Spencer (Scott)
Springfield (Choctaw)
Summerville (Noxubee)
Tallaloosa (Marshall)
Tatesville (Tate)
Tatomsville (Tate)
Taylors (Scott)
Totonsville (Tate)
Troy (Grenada)
Troy (See Danville)
Tuscahoma (Tallahatchie)
Union Town (Jefferson)
Valena (Attala)
Van Buren (Ittawamba)
Vernon (Holmes)
Vernon (Madison)
Victoria (Bolivar)
Victoria (Pontotoc)
Wahalak* (Kemper)
Warrenton† (Warren)
Waterford† (Marshall)
West Fulton (Ittawamba)
Wheeling (Ittawamba)
Whitefield (Oktibbeha)
Williamsburg (Madison)
Winchester* (Wayne)
Wyatt (Lafayette)

AHGP Mississippi

Source: The Mississippi Historical Commission Publications, Volume V, Edited by Franklin L. Riley,
Secretary, 1902.


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