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Troy30 The village of Troy was situated on the north side of the Yalobusha river, a few miles below Grenada. At the time of its greatest prosperity it had a population of one hundred or one hundred and fifty people. The surrounding country was settled by a large population of wealthy and intelligent planters, among whom were the Leighs, Powells, Talberts, Bakers, Minters and Townes. The principal mercantile firm of this place was Chislom and Minter. It was at Troy that Robert Mullen, who was afterwards one of the leading merchants of Grenada, began his career as a tailor and a merchant on a small scale. In the course of time the trade and population of this place were absorbed by the present town of Grenada, which was formed by the union of old Pittsburg and Tulahoma in 1836.31 About two years later Dr. T. D. Isom passed through the site of old Troy and found it a "deserted village" with only a few unoccupied houses still standing.

Chocchuma. The town of Chocchuma was established about 1834. It was situated on the south side of the Yalobusha River about seventeen miles west of Grenada and only a few miles south of old Tuscahoma. Its chief importance came from the fact that the United States land office for the northwestern district of Mississippi was located there. The land sales attracted a large number of people to that place for several years, but in 1842 the land office was moved to Grenada, and Chocchuma existed for only a shorty time afterwards.

The public road leading from Charleston to Carrollton crosses the Yalobusha River at this place. Chocchuma was at one time an important shipping point for the surrounding country. James A. Girault was once receiver of public moneys at Chocchuma. George Connelly engaged in the mercantile business at that place during its prosperous days

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30. The sketches of the extinct towns of Grenada County are based upon information derived from Capt. L. Lake and Dr. T. D. Isom, of Oxford, Mississippi.
31. See article on "Grenada and Neighboring Towns in the 30's," by Capt. L. Lake, in the Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Vol. III., pp. 314-316.

Source: The Mississippi Historical Commission Publications, Volume V, Edited by Franklin L. Riley,
Secretary, 1902.


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