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Garlandville42 Garlandville was probably the oldest town in Jasper County, Franklin, once county seat, was not a town, the courts having been held probably in a private house. Garlandville was settled early in 1833, and was the place from which the first Choctaw Indians emigrated. In the early 30's Mr. John H. Ward opened a tavern in a small house owned by John Garland, a half-breed Indian, who gave it to the landlord's wife. She in return named the town in honor of him.

Very soon after the removal of the Choctaw's the town and county were settled very rapidly. It was a beautiful level situation, covered by a grove of oaks and hickories, a healthful and desirable place. The town was soon surrounded by a wealthy class of planters, who made it an important business point. Among the early settlers were the families of Watts, Brown, Hodge, Williams, Dellahay, Beard, Cowan, Layerly, Hamlet, and Harris.

The town reached its greatest prosperity about the year 1860. At the outbreak of the War Between the States two companies were raised at this place. They were Capt. Chatfield's of the 20th Mississippi, and Capt. Lopo's of the 37th Mississippi. The war having ended disastrously to the large slave owners, the merchants moved to the railroad, and the splendid town, once so flourishing, now reminds one of Goldsmith's "Deserted Village.'' A small business is still done at this place, and some of the good people of long ago remain here, but the great prosperity it once enjoyed passed away because of the disastrous results of the war.

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42. The information upon which this sketch is based was derived from Mr. A. J. Brown, of Newton, Miss., author of a History of Newton County.

Source: The Mississippi Historical Commission Publications, Volume V, Edited by Franklin L. Riley,
Secretary, 1902.


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