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Tallaloosa55 The village of Tallaloosa was located in Marshall County, about eight miles southwest of Holly Springs, on the Pigeon Roost creek. It contained two or three small stores and a few families at the time of its greatest prosperity. Although it never became an important place, it was incorporated by the Legislature in 1838. It was surrounded by a good agricultural section. Major James Glover, the Woods family, the McClutches, the Hursts, John Williams, McCraven, William Jones and his two sons, Joel Echols, and others, settled in this vicinity. It was about extinct before the War Between the States, being absorbed by Holly Springs and Chulahoma.

Waterford One mile west of the station of the same name on the Illinois Central railroad was located the village of old Waterford. It was once a lively little town and was incorporated by the Legislature of the State in 1838. This place was at an early date the muster or drill ground of the militia for this part of the State, where the brigade under command of

Brigadier General Guy was reviewed once or twice a year. Its selection for this purpose gave it some prominence.

Among the prominent citizens and planters of that community were Dr. Thomas J. Malone, Robert H. Malone, Shaderick Wooten, Alfred Brooks, Mr. Sherman, Samuel Cole, John Killough, John W. Mooring, Dr. Jones and James Cherry. There are now no houses standing on the site of old Waterford. The stream of Spring creek furnished an abundance of water for two grist mills, Sumpkin's and Ford's, at an early date. A gun and fishing club has recently erected a club house where the latter mill once stood.

Hudsonville The town of Hudsonville was about four miles southwest of old Lamar on the stage road that ran from Lagrange, Tennessee, to Holly Springs, Miss. In January, 1837, this village sprang up as if by magic. It soon contained ten or a dozen new houses and several stores. Its acts of incorporation bear the dates of 1838 and 1844.

It continued as a country town and furnished a retail trade until the present station of the same name was located about two miles southeast on the Illinois Central (then the Mississippi Central) railroad. The old town was then absorbed and became depopulated, only one family (Dr. Philips') remaining. Prominent citizens then living in the vicinity were Peter Scales, Dabney Minor, the Daniels, Albert Hunt, John Roberts, Harvey Means, McFadden, J. R. Mayhon, William Arthur, Maj. Catrell, William Wall, and Kemp Holland.

This town now exists only in the memory of the older inhabitants of North Mississippi.

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55. The writer is indebted to Maj. Wm. M. Strickland, Holly Springs, Miss., for information with reference to the extinct towns of Marshall county.

Source: The Mississippi Historical Commission Publications, Volume V, Edited by Franklin L. Riley,
Secretary, 1902.


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