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Newton County Mississippi

Pinkney Mr. Brown gives the following sketch of the old town of Pinkney (History of Newton County, pp. 332'3):

"The name Pinkney dates as far back in the history of Newton county, as any other name in it. It is not known from what the town derived its name; the probabilities are it was settled as early as 1837, probably earlier, and was a place of some importance and trade. Lane and Boyd, merchants of that place, are reported to have had a stock of goods of $10,000, who issued a fractional currency called 'shinplasters,' and were correspondents of the Decatur bank, and when the bank failed it naturally carried the firm with it. Where these people got their goods is not known, probably from Vicksburg, or New Orleans, or Mobile, all hauled in wagons over terrible roads.

"This place has had from time to time some business. About twenty years ago Mr. S. D. Daniel commenced a general merchandise business and sold a large amount of goods and made money. The place has a good mill seat that has from time served a good purpose and been a means of convenience and profit. The name of Pinkney has given way to Stamper, at which place there is a store kept by Mr. Boulton, also a daily communication with the railroad. The waterpower is owned by Mr. Stamper."

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Source: The Mississippi Historical Commission Publications, Volume V, Edited by Franklin L. Riley,
Secretary, 1902.


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