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Warren County Mississippi

Warrenton77 The first county seat (18091836), of Warren County was Warrenton. It was situated on the Mississippi River, ten or twelve miles south of Vicksburg. At this place the first company was formed in 1819 for the purpose of constructing local lines of levees to protect the adjoining plantations from the overflows of the Mississippi river.

In 1812 "large quantities of cotton" were exported from Warrenton. In 1820 the place was incorporated by the Legislature of the State. As late as 1861 the town had a population of six or eight hundred. For years before that time, however, it had slowly dwindled in population and in business, the county court house having been moved to Vicksburg in 1836. The channel of the river has changed at this place, making a great bend just above the old town, so that boats cannot now land within one-half mile of the former wharf. The site of this extinct town is now covered by a dense growth of willows.

The Yazoo and Mississippi Valley railroad passes within one-half a mile of the place.

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77. The following sketch is based upon information obtained from the late Judge H. F. Simrall.

Source: The Mississippi Historical Commission Publications, Volume V, Edited by Franklin L. Riley,
Secretary, 1902.


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